The Way Home, pt. 1

Hey world,

How are you? Ah, great! That’s really good to hear. Me? Oh, I’ve just been kickin around the US. I’d tell ya all the details about sleepin’ in bus stations and Janak’s Auntie Ann hosting me and nursing me to health, or how the rest of his Pittsfield family treated me like one of their own and were, as always, so generous and helpful…but that’s between us.

– for now is the time that Patrick@thoughtfultravels puts the thoughtful back into the site. Traveling on my own has given me a lot of time to reflect…perhaps on topics that might be topical in your lives, or that you all can give me some worldly insight upon.

Firstly, of course, my main concern on the trip was my own sanity. So I bought a tiny book to keep my thought in, and together with the help of my Christopher Walken impersonation, it’s been an entertaining and revealing trip.
Secondly, a point which my last post might have hit on, I’ve been grappling with the idea of “nature”. Not human nature, but singular, individual nature. It’s been explained to me in many paradigms. Western thought has more of a psychological approach – one’s nature is attributed to how they were raised, or is a byproduct of societal pulls (jersey shore comes to mind). The East, if I could make a huge generalization, utilizes a more metaphoric explanation, with one’s nature being described as more “fiery” or as water, or a mix of other elements, like air or wood/earth. Still today we look to horoscopes to tell our future or even character. However you view it, I’ve had a look over mine with the help of friends and family, and found myself to be weak. Weak mentally, weak physically, and lacking prudence as of late. Perhaps this is more of a perpetual view of myself, and is the motivating factor in my quest for self-improvement. What’s yours?
Thirdly, what is it that you love? What have you always craved? For myself, it’s rope. I love playing with it, making things for friends, learning new knots. I don’t know how it works into my future, but I know it makes me happy – perhaps the best gift one could give me is a book on knots, some nylon string, and a bag of Taco Bell. Its that and martial arts for me. The rope, I have no idea why, but to belong to a studio, I know exactly why I’ve been feeling strong pulls in that direction: its a solution for poor self-discipline, waning reflexes, inflexibility, too much downtime, and is a powerful outlet for all my energy. Manna, here I come.

So yeah, I’m 23 now and my head is spinning with solutions to my problems, and the issues that the world struggles with. Haven’t solved the violence and hunger issues yet, but when I do, I’m sure blogging about it will help 😉

Right now, just so everyone knows I’m safe, an old pal from highschool is hosting me at his dorm in Purdue. I, of course, don’t mean to pull your attention away, by any means, from Janak and David as they meander about in Europe, so PLEASE, check their updates!

And on a side note, here is that poem that Janak told you I wrote after seeing the henge of stone:
Salisbury Cathedral
My love was as a building
A cathedral made of stone
At first, naked ground was she
Her flowers could not grow…
So she built up her walls
And made windows and doors
Of the cracks in her walls
Then, so as to assure
No one could ever climb her walls,
She constructed a roof,
A steeple
Now, I must admire my love from afar
Across a windswept, grassy plain
For I am not allowed in.

Much love to all of you, and I hope I provoked some thought here today. Feel free to provoke me back!

2 thoughts on “The Way Home, pt. 1

  1. Stacy

    Hello! I’ve been following your guys blogs but haven’t left a comment yet. I’m Janak’s friend and I just want to say I enjoy your blogs the best. (Even though Janak and David still have pretty awesome styles) I was sad to see you leave Europe but I know you still have many more adventures to come. I think you are lucky to have found something you love and acknowledged that it makes you happy, not many people can do that. Good luck and keep writing!

  2. Daid

    As I have mentioned to you before, “The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page”. It is obvious to me that your travels are filling you with new and exciting thoughts which you can and should apply to yourself. How else can one improve than to learn from others and self reflection?
    However, don’t get too head-crunched and enjoy the people, the places and enjoy the moment. Not too many people get to do what you are doing.