Day 25 – “Pete sent us”

Hello world!

Now that I’m all showered and comfy, I am permitted to let you peer into the storybook that is this crazy trip of ours:
SO, the UK is nice, yeah? With all its backwards driving, toilets with 2 flush buttons, hidden trashcans, and strange sockets that all have individual switches…Janak’s been hilarious this entire trip. In the US, as we passed by canyons he’d go “Hey look, its Grand Canyon!”. Then next time if it were a bigger canyon, he’d correct himself, “Oh, never mind, THIS is the Grand Canyon!” From DC, every time we saw a building with pillars it was, “Look, the Supreme Court.” Now, in the UK, its degenerated into every stone bench “Look! Stonehenge!” and in Ireland, “Look! The Blarney Stone!” You can imagine how he described these structures overlooking Edinburgh. (and since you’ve all been good you can see the pictures first :p )

Flashback to Janaka’s last entry – It was my birthday, and thusly I received a fudge-birthday-muffin. Yeah, my travel mates are awesome. Just for fun today I had them calculate out the exact hour of the YEAR it was.
We nabbed a bus from Edinburgh to go see some mystery contacts of Janak’s who lived in Selkirk. Met a girl named Pip on the way too – she was wearing a panda beanie, so naturally we became fast friends.
The mystery contacts turned out to be an amazingly lovely couple, Rob and Sue, who offered us a place to lay our heads. (I think Janak knew their son from SRF) Anyways, we got some delicious dinner and a tour of the premises. The couple is actually self employed and Rob gave us a tour of his workshop and show room of jaw-dropping wood furniture masterpieces, while Sue invited us into her workshop which was full of colors and textures. She’s created her own line of gorgeous scarves and purses. She had a few raw materials layin’ out and guess what? WE EACH GOT A TARTAN SCOTTISH SCARF!!!! Happy birthday to me!
It was a real wake-up call seeing these two strong and loving individuals goin’ through life together, each following their own passions and talents. As Rob said (and I’m paraphrasing) “Some people were born to do things, rather than be made to.” I learned a lot that day, and fell asleep to the gentle hum of Scottish raindrops falling against the skylight windows.
The next morning we bid farewell to our gracious hosts and we’re off to Wales to catch a ferry to Dublin. Wales surprised me, as I found most of the populous to not be friendly, but when we stopped by the ferry to find a place to eat, Pete the bartender pointed us the way. I left my comrades to feast while I went in search of interweb, and found the Internet Cafe to be just closed. I sat out in the rain trying to leech free wi-fi, but the owner of the cafe wouldn’t have it. By that, I mean, of course, that he invited me in, gave me the password, and talked to me over some free scrumptious tea whilst he closed up shop. I’ll be seeing him today hopefully, when we get back there.
IRELAND. Bullets!
– Wandered the entire port, through downtown dublin, through ChinaTown Dublin, found a place to sleep
– Got some…interesting…pizzas from around the corner (One was for free, cuz the first one was TOO interesting)
– Janak and Dave saw some dead vikings at a museum
– They left me with the stuff, but also left some rope. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE rope, and after that stay with Rob and Sue, I was inspired. Learned 5 new knots while I waited
– Trained from Dublin to Belfast
– Found friendly hostel. Lagan! The Friendliest Hostel!
– Chilled in the pubs. (Irish music, Irish dancing, nobody spilling drinks, great friendly people, that you can hardly understand)
– Had my first pint in a pub! Twas a Guinness.
– Everyone could tell I was Irish, but called Janak a liar when he’d explain that he was too.
– Met Keith and Greg at the Crown, then Sean at Fibber Magees. Janak got some hair action from tall Irish women.
– Next mornin took a tour around Northern Ireland to the Giant’s Causeway
– Met Tyoooorayyy at the Wee Shop (pictured). Maybe the wee-est shop. Part of our convo was as follows: “What’s your name?” “I’m Tyoooooooooooray” “….how do you spell that?” “T-o-r-i” “OH, Tori!” <3 Irish accent now.
– Met some cool Spanish girls and Austrian gals on our bus.
– The weather cleared up for us after raining all day when we hit the Causeway (I think David un-double-jynx’d the weather, and as the weather it a bureaucratic entity, it couldn’t catch up in time to screw us over. Instead it provided us with a fantastic sunset. Enjoy the pictures, they’re a bit crap, but comment anyway and tell me which you liked!

And here we are the next morning. My nose and throat are still gateways to the dark void, spilling forth horrible demons. (Still sick). I’m convinced that its cuz there’s no Taco Bell here. I will be road tripping back across the US soon, visiting friends along the way, so if you would like me to visit, speak up and leave a comment!

Love, peace, my hair is full of grease,
Patrick (Patricio) K. Silva

4 thoughts on “Day 25 – “Pete sent us”

  1. Daid

    Hey Lad-ees!

    Beautiful pictures. I felt so bad for the poor sandwich. You left me lots to think about…a good thing though.
    Take care and stay thirsty my Son and friends.


  2. Kristen

    Hey Patrick,

    Would much appreciate seeing you in Flagstaff. I promise no depressing stuff. We should go on an adventure and get lost. Or I recently heard of a so called “blizzard camping” and since we have tackled “building an igloo blizzard” i figured y not? ha


  3. Little Feet

    H Honey:
    Look up Aunt Lea when you get to New YorK. If you are interested let me know and I will give you her contact info.
    Hope you are feeling better.. miss you..
    Love Mom