Northward 2013

Hello friends, family, and strangers with too much time on your hands.

Since Janak’s and my last trip, I have been working hard to get a doctorate in Chiropractic in San Jose, Ca. Well, now another road trip is happening, this time with a few of my best friends: Paul, and Joseph. So get your pants ready for an update on our shenanigans.

Friday, Joe drove over from seeing his little brother in San Francisco. I took Joe out to Dave and Buster’s to meet Paul for the first time, and they hit it off immediately. Within an hour they had both turned on me, and were already planning to use ALL OF THE TICKETS from our games on super bouncy balls. The next day we had planned to leave earlier, but sleep was deemed more important, and we left Paul’s place by 3PM….slowly. The first hour was spent stopping every ten minutes for supplies, gas, or coffee. It should be noted that Paul is a functioning coffeholic. I would be too if I had girls cat-calling at me every time I was in or around a coffee shop, but this seems to only be a feature unique to Paul’s life. Oh and somewhere in there Joe tried to make me eat something and ended up just brushing my teeth with a McDonald’s spicy chicken sandwich.

As soon as we found ourselves in the meaty part of the beautiful drive North on the 101, we also found other fellow travelers pacing their cars with my wonderful Honda Civic. One such traveler was a pretty blonde gal, from Chico state (if the sticker on her car was accurate). Joe and Paul tried their best to get her attention as we drove side by side, but no attention was paid, and only I was afforded the simple happiness of a vehicular ballet for almost 50 miles through vineyards. As the sun peaked down behind the mountains, we pulled into the parking lot of a quaint country church and wandered about with our cameras, doing man stuff and enjoying the stretching of our hammies, in what appeared to be the world’s loneliest baseball field, adjacent to said church. After the darkness set in, we began cruising north again, lead only by my headlights and the reflective signs sticking out of the dense redwoods. For a short time we made our anthem ELK RADIO, AM 1610 and learned that males can charge without warning. Apparently elk are wild and unpredictable. Jot this down – there’ll be a test later.

I’d like to say FINALLY we arrived at our destination, but a beautiful state beach pull-out caught our attention, and the side effects of antsy-ness struck: Paul whipped out his LED glasses and frisbee+football with reflective tape and we played a brief game of Splinter-Cell catch in pitch darkness. Then we made fire. It took a while, and it’s a fairly funny story, but I can tell it when I get back. Also, don’t ever have us make fire for you. We’re terrible. The rest of the night trip was serenading a sleeping Joe with Paramore’s “Only Exception”, then giving him a heart attack by waking him by driving on the side of the road with the divots for sleeping drivers. Hilarious.

FINALLY we made it to Chris and Nicki’s, and we were welcomed with warm and loving arms. And beers. And DiGiorno. We recounted our tales to our most hospitable hosts, shared plenty of laughs, and made our beds for the night. It was the perfect ending to a day that, even in text, seems like it would just never end.

Next morning, I awoke to beautiful Oregon. I snapped a few quick pictures, and after the men were showered, we wrote love notes to our hosts, and began wandering toward Crater Lake, from where I write to you now. On our backtrack to the California border (to get to the main highway), we stopped for some delicious Mac’n’Cheese Pizza from Zola’s, and grabbed the obligatory Paul coffee. Then I got a ticket for speeding. Yay.

However, aside from cliffs with drops, falling rocks, and crooked cops, we made it to this nice cozy cabin. With only a minute to spare before the lodging place closed too. A big thank you to Union Creek Resort, and their reluctance to turn away weary travelers (we got 50% off a three bedroom cabin!).

Well, we’re going to wake in a few hours to do some night shots, and catch the morning sun as it alights on the lake. So, thank you for reading and being with us in spirit, and my thoughts go out to all of you. Be well, and do well.

As per usual, here is a link to some of the pictures from our adventures

Buenas noches,