Hyper-Hospitality, Flagstaff

Hey friendykins!

A thought occurs: How often is it that two people find themselves eager to join in a relationship with each other?
From my observations, the whole “courting” process seems to be so up-and-down. More often than not, it’s only one person that’s head-over heels, while the other remains uninterested. And how precious can that connection be if the uninterested person is coerced by tricks and jealousy, rather than by affection?
I find myself, not that it’s important to many of you, fighting the use of these alternative methods, in search of…I don’t know what.
But while I’ve been here in Flagstaff I’ve had the unique opportunity to observe the college lifestyle from a detached perspective. While much of my findings have been in line with thoughts from my last post, a few others have been the source and seed of this post.

So without elaborating or clarifying further my points, I impose upon you all two questions, and feel free add YOUR thoughts at the bottom here as comments –

1. Do you know when to say no? …when to decide something or someone isn’t worth your time or efforts, and move on?

2. If you could describe yourself in 4 words, what would they be? And if you could do the same with your IDEAL self, would they be the same?

Yes, I understand they are both two-ish part questions and they touch on deeper issues, but I feel I must be ever-changing, learning, and growing, and I wouldn’t mind some help :)

So thanks to all of those who hosted me, and it was fantastically magical catching up with all of you chamazing people!! Special spanks to Kristen (and her roommates), Natalia (and her roommate), Munkie & JD (& Sarah)!

Chitty chitty bom bom!
Patsy McPatsykins