Day ?? – Nottingham!

Yes, folks, you read right,
We’re in the busom and birthplace of the Robin Hood legend. Much has happened since our first night in England, both exciting and saddening. First, a sad realization that came to me in London, the morn of day 3: I shall not be able to stay with my friends through Europe. Why? A day in London was enough to prove to me that I was quite unprepared in both money and dress. However, the upside is that I have no need to stress over touring the UK and at least Spain with David and Janak prior to returning to NY and roadtripping back.

So from the 2nd day in London, we awoke well rested to a strange new world of backwards driving and curious accents that we’d been too tired previously to notice. We went sight-seeing, including the Tower of London, a very plain London Bridge (the one we bought that’s by Havasu is much better), and the original wall that protected London. Janak stole a piece…hahah..shhhh!

The weather was fine and the people were interesting enough, so we stayed another night at the hostel. More friends were made, and more sleep was had. BTW, I was surprised to open our hostel room door to find a military-style barracks bed situation: 6+ beds stacked 3 high each. Half-naked people everywhere!!

Next morning most people had packed up and left…left me new shampoo and conditioner and body wash, that is! W00t! We almost lost David…. but a few trains later we were in Bath (named after the famous Roman Baths located there). Then we hiked all around the city in the dead of night to finally find a giant hill, with a dark alley at the top that lead to our beautiful hostel, of which I have posted pics. And we made a new friend…Billiam!

Bath was short and fun today, but now we are…sardined…in a…closet? Nottingham hospitality isn’t all its chalked up to be, but the University students here were immensely helpful. Two pretty gals by the names of Rhea and Christine helped us find a place to sleep and a cheap cab to get there. Thanks ladies!

Final words, Janak and I have gained psychic powers over the universe. Janak asks for maps and they appear, and I foretell the future! Seriously, it’s cha-mazing.

Much love to all of you! Tal como siempre,

4 thoughts on “Day ?? – Nottingham!

  1. Nick

    Do English women make fun of your American accent? Followup question: If so, are you using it to your advantage?

  2. Dave C

    Fantastic photos. Wish I could be there. Keep them coming. I especially like the unique ones like sweet home with sweet lady. A castle size wall protecting a meticulously manicured, Monty Python size yard. Only missing the moat.

    Carry on…cheers!

  3. colette

    hey, i talked to my dad and he said he’s sure my grandma and aunt, or my cousin and his gf would let you stay with them, but i guess they are a ways outside of Rome, so it would prolly be inconvenient transportation wise….so let me know if you are still interested, and if so i will talk to them and get the rest of the details.

  4. Robby Boydt

    Your trip looks like a lot of fun. The London Bridge is bigger than I thought, Maybe it is the way the camera grabbed it. Nottingham rest looks a bit tight but sure you are having fun. can’t wait until the next notes.