Day 6 – Rushmore/Chicago

A fond hello to you all!

My name is Patrick Silva and I shall be your tram driver through history!

So on your left, (two days ago), Janak and I left the comforts of Tabatha and Brad’s lovely place in Cody, Wyoming, and suddenly found ourselves in South Dakota paying $10 for parking and staring at 4 giant dead presidents. While it was worth the parking price for me just to get a picture of Boba (or Robert Fett as Janak now refers to him) epically standing with our forefathers, I was a little unimpressed. Craftsmanship? 10 stars. Originality? 10 stars. Execution? -5 stars. They just left all that chipped-off stone laying about, those lazy buggers. And the presidents were SUPPOSED to have gotten upper-bodies. But they just gave up after the faces. I think Lincoln was supposed to be sipping on some O.J. too. What a let down.

Oh, and then we went to the Badlands. Aptly named! And we met some cool peeps there too that told us to never regret, and to have fun with life!

Anyways, on your right, you’ll see that the van coasted over 900 miles in the following 15 hours to reach lovely Chicago, or Chi-town as the hip-crowd refers to it. We stopped at Wrigley Field because Boba had to take a potty-break. And it was there, my highlight of the trip: a chili cheese bean burrito from Taco Bell. I thought it long extinct but apparently the TB next to Wrigley Field was breeding them in captivity. I hadn’t eaten one in over 15 years. I almost cried.

ANYWAYS, Janak’s Meera Didi (sister-like extended-family-member-person) offered us a place to stay. When we got there, the humble apartment in our head turned into a magnificent suite perched high in a beautiful complex, as if it were hunting and the Chicago skyline was its prey. I think Meera and her husband Madukar were far too gracious, giving us a place to wash our smelly clothes, re-charge our dying electronics, shower, and fill our aching bellies.

The day essentially consisted of me showing Janak around town. He’d never explored Chicago before…and boy was he impressed. We walked around the museums, made fun of the statues, snacked on some hot asian buns, and reflected on how similar Chicago is to San Francisco, or Gotham City (where the Batman lives!). We also noted how classy Chicagoans tend to dress – Janak’s bent on wearing trench-coats with scarfs from now on.

Sorry folks, the tour ends here, with me typing on the mini-computer, leeching wi-fi from the building’s coffee bar/computer lab. We just finished up a delicious Indian-style dinner prepared by our hosts, and had some equally delicious conversations touching on the subjects of Oprah, London dentistry, and how some psychologists direly need psychologists.

Enjoy the pictures and if you’re all very good boys and girls, I’ll write another one soon!
Hasta la pasta!

Patricio Silva