Day 3

Welcome all!
Thus far in our travels, Janak managed to mosey us from Zion National Park, to Bryce Canyon, and this morning we find ourselves in Provo.

Zion and Bryce – I only wish I could describe them but unfortunately I’m limited by language itself; one really has to go there and experience the variety of sensations that these parks manage to extract from you. However, I can articulate that we met a very friendly squirrel in Zion who followed us back on the trail – named him “Fluffs McGee”. Janak finds it humorous, but I think its just a strong squirrel name. He let me get less than a foot from him (the squirrel, not Janak) and started posing for pix. Oh, and we got lost for the first time, on our way to Bryce. When we stopped in a small town to ask for directions, a beautiful puppy greeted us…and then tried to pee on my car…as if to say, “Welcome, friends!” In retrospect, I should have brought treats.

After some more canyon shenanigans we met up with Jared in Provo. According to him, the city has the highest concentration of Mormons per square…inch. We caught up and he took us to see Scott Pilgrim (the movie). But apparently it was “date night” in Provo, so I dressed up pretty for Jared.

On a side note, our shoes (Vibram KSOs) are working…too well. I’m officially using them whenever I go out shooting with the camera – I mean, after climbing all over sandstone monuments on 45 degree slopes WITH my gear and not slipping or sliding, I’ve been made a believer. Can’t tell you how many times Janak and I have, before crossing a mossy stream, or staring down a rock we want to climb,stared at each other and said…”Vibram Time”.

Play nice out there friends!

One thought on “Day 3

  1. Robby

    this is wonderful and I have visited these national treasures. They are wonderful. i can’t wait to go back and spend more time there doing hiking and maybe backpack some as well.