Day 12, Final Hour

Close your eyes and imagine, if you will…wait…OK don’t close your eyes, but still try to imagine the following:
Its chilly, your bum is worn out from hours of sitting and driving. You pull up in a driveway of grass and gravel, and unfamiliar cheery faces invite you in. Over the course of a day and 2 nights, you are showered with the best of New England hospitality. Home cooked meals, the company of a loving family, great stories, and pleasant outings.
This was the “Carey” experience. I had the privilege of meeting Janak’s aunts and cousins and other family by extension. Again, us poor travelers were met with a barrage of delicious foods and comfy beds: far more than expected and I never could have asked for more, yet they kept giving and giving, and for that I am forever grateful. Thank all of you!

To keep it brief, I’ll just bullet the rest of the updates.
-Pittsfield w/ Careys, Car stayed behind
-Outing with family: beautiful leafy trails and apple orchards and cider donuts!
-Woke early, Auntie A drove us to the station
-Train’d over to NYC
-Watched “break dancing” troupe. Flyboys, I believe they’re called
-Met Ben, awesome dude, crashin’ at his pad tonight
-sushi for lunch, noodles and soup for dinner (with Mr. Keith Goodwin)
-Played Catan for the first time with Ben and Janak, don’t ask.

Anyways, on a final note, I find my mind and body straying for my original intent for this trip: a quest for knowledge, a soul band-aid if you will. Divorce does crazy things to a family, and not one person is left unscathed. Additionally, I find myself stressing over getting lost and having a budget of 1000 for two months, no way home once I’m there, or means of gas money (besides credit) once I return. But that’s part of the adventure and the fun it would seem, living life without knowing what will happen next. Flight out of the country is tomorrow night…

With waning confidence,
Patrick Kenneth Silva