Day 84 – Onward to Venice, Verona, Vienna

I thought I’d take a slightly different approach to this entry – not much about sites

For those of you that don’t know, David and I have been picking some of the cheapest hostels that are listed online.  You can probably guess where these kinds of places are located, or imagine the interesting levels of service quality we have recieved. But one consequence you may not have thought of is what kind of company we have met at these sorts of establishments.  I’ll use the example of the last hostel we were at, Peter Pan Hostel; unlike most hostels, the awkward location and incredibly low prices led to most people staying for long periods of time – months or years. David and I, with a mere 9 nights under our belt, were certainly ‘the new guys.’  Almost everyone here was either trying to start a new chapter of their life, or trying to get through a more difficult chapter. The best part about these guys was that they had established their own sort of family – when everyone is only just getting by, pooled resources really seems to work. I traded some shampoo for some sandals and some pasta for some cheese. Many times our friend Juan (a waiter from Mexico trying to get enough money to keep travelling) would just bring home spare food for us. We cooked large group meals together (everyone chipped in what they could), sat and ate together, and chatted together – amazingly something I rarely do in my own family anymore. Usually a minimum of 3 languages were being tossed around; Because we had a Fin, a Mexican, a Bulgarian, a Romanian, a Frenchman, a Nigerian, a Danish, 5 Italians and the youngest Japanese sushi chef I’ve ever met, just communicating became incredibly fun and challenging. This was also the first place we’ve stayed with a diverse age group – a refreshing change from only people in their twenties. The main thing I took away from this hostel was a simple fact I’ve seen before: many times that those that give the most are in fact the ones with the least to give.

As for where we’ve been:
– David and I have located some of the best eats in Roma:
  1. Frigidarium. I have bought 6 cups of Frigidarium gelato, the best gelato in the world. David and I have become good friends with Rafaelle, who works there and dreams of coming to California.
  2. la Galleta Bianca, has very good pizza for decent prices
  3. l’Archetto spaghetteria, home of 100 sauces (David went w/ Saffron, I went w/ pumpkin)
  4. la Foccacia, recommended by Rafaelle because his friend Andrea works there, home of the greatest pizza crust I’ve had

– David surveyed some aquaducts and went to the museum of Roman civilization

– I attended a lot more churches.
– David and I stumbled upon an official “Cat Sanctuary” which was also the site of 4 ancient temples and Caesar’s assasination
– We met up with Sumukh again
– Spent a nice night in Venice, unfortunately David forgot his passport and railpass there so we split up and he’s meeting me in Vienna a bit late
– Enjoying the hospitality of the Langmyars in Vienna.

2 thoughts on “Day 84 – Onward to Venice, Verona, Vienna

  1. Fred Weasley

    I loved hearing about the hostel life. Stay safe, continue eating cool stuff, and merry Christmas 🙂