Day 4

Greetings from Wyoming!

It has only been 4 (closer to 5) days and it has already proven extremely difficult to keep track of the time. It seems not having a work schedule, a set routine, or any form of responsibility causes life to sort of blur together.

During the second half of day 3, we met up with Cameron Bird and his wife Kay, had lunch and parted ways with Jared, and drove all the way up through Idaho and into Yellowstone. It should be noted that during this drive of approximately 6 hours, I accidentally executed a sort of bug holocaust on the windshield (see picture). Since we pulled into Wyoming (a very sparsely lit state) after nightfall, it proved almost impossible to find anything – but we managed to find a rather homey lodge on the edge of a beautiful lake just outside the park.

Pat made some quick friends at the lodge and seemed particularly… fond?… of Mary Jane, our waitress/bartender. The entire staff provided us with food and endless entertainment as well as guidance regarding the park itself. After leeching more power and wifi from their lobby, we decided to park in the nearby Shell station for the night.

Sidestory: at around 4am we realized it was too cold to be sleeping without shirts (there was frost on the windows) and decided to roll out the sleeping bags. This late hour led to a rather interesting discussion regarding the racial and socioeconomic profiles of the characters of PBS’s Arthur. (Francine is totally black?)

First thing in the morning we drove into the park, and enjoyed the unparalleled geographic wonders that are in uncanny abundance in Yellowstone.  Geysers, steaming pools (with vibrant sulfur-induced coloration), and high concentrations of wildlife within 1800 square miles of forest made this park the largest and most difficult to describe national park I have visited yet. Hopefully Pat’s pictures can do the park some justice.

Some topics of today’s driving discussions included a debate about the usage and meaning of  the word ‘ununravelable’ and the correct blendage of ‘bison’ and ‘buffalo’ into buffson, bisulo, or bifflslon? We’ll have a video of these convos up soon.

By evening we arrived in the town of Cody, where we met with Pat’s friend Tabatha from NAU. She and her fiancé Brad were gracious enough to offer their showers and their outlets for our traveling needs. The highlight of Cody for me was certainly the home of Tabatha’s aunt Laurie – the company of great people combined with the scenic beauty of Wyoming definitely gave me a personal sort of ‘recharge’ after the long hours of driving. Below we have some pictures from her awesome yard and our rusty friend Pedro.

Now we are back on the road headed to Mt Rushmore for tomorrow, which is the last big stop before Chicago (other than a much anticipated stop at the birthplace of mon Capitan Kirk).

As far as the Vibrams go, we forgot to take many pictures with them today, but it should be noted that these things seem to be suited for ANYTHING. We used them for hiking, wading, and jumping from volcanic rock to volcanic rock today.

Whew, next time I will try to condense my textual diarrhea into a more concise entry.


4 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. Cathy

    fun fact: bison are actually different from buffalo. like a different species or something. learned that last time i was in yellowstone… who’d have thought? keep up the awesome (and stay safe)!

  2. radhika

    so since you bypassed texas, we are assuming you are gonna stop by on the return journey, right??
    boys were super excited by your phone call. thanks a lot. meera had been telling them that a surprise visitor was gonna call to wish varun…you are an awesome bhaiya and they look up to you as if you were captain kirk. 🙂
    enjoy your trip. looking fw to reading all bout it