Day 20 – Scotland

Haggis Neeps and Tatties,
That’s not really a greeting but its some Scottish food for you. First things first, we are in Scottland and I have decided to keep a food journal of what I have eaten on this trip. This can be found under the Food page. Since its been quite a while I’ll explain how we got here…

After running around Nottingham and its castle for a bit, we jumped on train up to Edinburgh (rather impulsively), where we were immediately greeted with the sound of bagpipes (not just being stereotypical) and a skyline that looked more like a castle than Nottingham castle did! Seriously, this city is absolutely beautiful, we will post more pictures of it later.

To summarize the infinite Scottish shenanigans into a brief list:
– On the train ride up to Scotland, a local couple taught us some Scottish slang; about 40% of these were synonyms for ‘miserable weather’
– Raided Edinburgh on night 18, found a Thai restaurant that wouldn’t serve Shirley Temples
– Rode up to Stirling on Day 19, the ‘gateway’ to the highlands. Historically, due to a geographic bottleneck, anyone who controlled castle (and bridge of) Stirling essentially controlled Scotland.
– Night 19, strange encounters with hostel-mates in downtown Edinburgh, Brazilians can be fiery
– Day 20, after an unsuccessful attempt to awake in time for a bus tour to Loch Ness, we hopped on another train to Pitlochry, ancestral Clan home of David
– Tomorrow is our last day in Scotland, we plan on meeting Ian’s family in Selkirk for the evening, then off to Dublin the next day

– I tried to start editing the videos we have taken, but it turns out this netbook doesnt have the processing power to edit video, so that is something that we will have to compile when we get home, my apologies.
– Even though all of us are trying to take care of ourselves, this can prove difficult on the road. Pat has unfortunately been sick the past 4 days and all of us have lost about 2 belt-holes worth of waist. But fear not mothers, we’ve made a mutual agreement to ensure maximum eating (and most the food is delicious anyways?).
– Because we like to start our day adventures early, and yet also enjoy the dorm-like nightlife of the hostels, we all have mastered the art of train-sleeping during transit. Below we have a prime example:

– We are going to start a ‘helpful hints for traveling Europe’ page, in which we will add any strange useful tidbits that we have stumbled upon in the past couple weeks that may not have been obvious at first to a foreigner (i.e. where are the trashcans?).
– Lastly, if you can, leave comments on our stuff (click at the bottom of each article), or at least tell us what you’d like to hear or see?

Here’s some photos!


10 thoughts on “Day 20 – Scotland

  1. Shreya

    Europe looks amazing! I wish I could have seen all of this, your photos are absolutely incredible. I really like the Nottingham and Scotland ones. You should have gone by J.K. Rowling’s house!?! I’m really excited you guys are going to Dublin next; you have to tell me all about it because Ireland has always seemed like the coolest place on Earth to me. Btw, I’m digging the scarf; very nice touch. Continue having fun!

  2. Aunt Resa

    great stuff! Been to Scotland and Edinburgh and its awesome love that castle and the Scottish slang! Now the Scottish tradition is that you go commando under the kilt so…are you following the tradition???

    And…happy birthday Patrick and get better soon!

    Hugs & Kisses

    Aunt Resa

  3. Jared

    Hey guys, I haven’t been following for about a week because I got caught up in some homework nonsense, but it sounds like things are going awesome! The kilt pictures were amazing!

  4. Cathy

    Dude… awesome kilt pictures! by the way, aspirin and/or tylenol are lifesavers… consider getting a huge bottle. and local remedies work as long as you BELIEVE. stay safe and healthy!

  5. Mlo

    just wanted to let you guys know that i’ve been following your posts and i think they are funny and interesting. now i kind of want to buy a pair of those toe shoes…

  6. Chris (Schertler)

    Great Pics, great Stories!!! I have been around these places almost 20 years ago. Great to see you guys visit the Highlands, Edinburgh, etc. I remember seeing Braveheart in a cinema in Dublin. When the bad guy cut Mel Gibson’s girlfriend’s throat, the whole cinema was on their feet booing and cussing…. it was quite an experience ;)Have fun 🙂