Day 150 – Home

Thank you auntie Mary Anne, Gabe Kleiner, Max Fishman, Andrew Bustamante, Mike Lopez, Gavin Tong, Ramee Younes, Ken Wakabayashi, Chris Jian and my family for making my return such a great memory. It definitely felt like home. I am hoping that David returned safe and sound (we were on separate flights) and I hope he helps me finish up this travel blog. Over the next week expect more updates now that we have bandwidth!

2 thoughts on “Day 150 – Home

  1. Dhruba Bose

    Hi Dadu
    Myself and your Didi, we felt relieve that you
    reach home safely. We are missing you very much this time.It is not only we, here every body were asking me about you your health and location. Your Didi was looking for your arrival for since long and finally you came and she was overwhelmed with joy with her Nati with that state of health and she did not felt much when you went for Hardwar because she was with expectation that you would be returning back but she was upset with your final departure for home and still she is feeling for your absence and asking me to write this note. Hope you, Shreya and you dad David are doing fine.
    Dadu and Didi