Day 14/15 (time change)

Good Morning from London!

It is strange how simultaneously a lot of stuff  and almost nothing has happened in the past 48hrs. Pat and I saw NYC on foot taking pictures via cellphones, navigated 4 different subway lines in the labyrinth of NYC getting to JFK, bought a last minute RyanAir ticket from UK to Spain to prove our intention to leave the UK, met up with David in Iceland, landed in London, navigated London’s Tube to “Backpackers Hostel”, and met at least a dozen charming interesting people last night in the common room. Despite the fatigue of travelling, we enjoyed good company until about 5am London time. And yet I feel we have hardly any pictures to document this, and I spent at least half of these hours asleep. Oh well


-Iceland’s main airport is way outside of Reykjavik, enough so that we couldnt leave the airport for almost 10 hours

-Iceland’s Parliament is the longest standing continuous Parliament in the world. Those Vikings had democratic representation almost 1000 years ago?

-Time in the airport was passed with sleep, DnD, Skyrr, and wheelchair shenanigans

-Crossing the streets in London, despite the knowledge of the opposite flow of traffic, was still a near death experience

-“Subways” in London refer to underground pedestrian walkways, “Tube” refers to the subway.

-It is completely possible to speak French with a thick Australian accent.

Now it is 10am and we are setting out for our first true international day of travel.