Day 1

Hello world!
Today is the first of many days on the road with Pat. To be honest I had my doubts we would ever get this far, there always seemed to be time money and responsibility in the way.
Anyways, regarding todays logistics:
For those of you that don’t know, Pat and I have transformed his Astro into our humble transcontinental beast of a mobile home; We have removed the seats and installed a nifty multi purpose futon. Adjacent to our futon is a plethora of healthy and unhealthy foodstuffs, graciously gifted to us by Carol Lynn.
Most of the day was spent driving through our incredibly vast country, (most of Nevada contained nothing), with pit stops in Barstow and Las Vegas. I have become Chewbacca to Pat’s Millennium Falcon. Below are a few pictures from the first leg of driving.
It should be noted that in our total of 15 minutes in Arizona, I saw the Grand Canyon at least 7 times (Pat assured me it was not the Grand Canyon).
By sundown we reached Zion National Park, where we have purchased our year long National-Parks-Pass, and are now enjoying the wonderful scenery, weather, and free wifi provided by the Majestic View Lodge. As you can see, I’ve already found one of my people here.
Costs thus far have included an FM transmitter, In n Out burger, and gas – not too bad.

Tomorrow’s agenda: more Zion, Bryce Canyon, and a reunion with a long lost Bird.

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