Not sure if anyone is interested in this, but it is more for myself than anything else.
A note for understanding this list- from Scottland onwards, a linebreak denotes a new meal, and a double line break denotes a new day. cheers

skyrr (strawberry) – Icelandic special dairy product. 1/2 between custard and yogurt. awesome.
cheese and marmalade croissant – delicious, they can bake.

England: London, Bath, Nottingham
mature cheddar on bread with tomato and basil pesto – mature english cheddar is amazing
fish n chips – from the historic burroughs, man they can make fries (pass the malt vinegar)
cheese and onion crisps – probably the most common potato chip flavor here?
crumpets with black current – crumpets are amazing! like fat pancakes, not what I thought?
cheese and onion cornish pasty – its like a hot pocket but actually GOOD
eggs and tomato – we scrambled some to be cheap
thai food from camden – bargained in a market setting, got a large+ drink for price of small
bagette with egg cheese tomato and mushroom – fantastic four-lb footlong
pizza from nottingham and naan – it was cheap, naan was good though
mushrooms tomatoes beans toast fried eggs – (meh)

Scottland: Edinburgh, Stirling, Pitlochry
Dandelion soda – uh it was exactly what you think it would be
Cheese and onion toasty – a good grilled cheese
Irn bru – delicious, a Scottish specialty / secret recipe
Jacket potato with beans and cheese – man they can make a mean baked potato. normally I dont even like beans!
Croissant – from a bakery, so it was so warm and delicious it was falling apart in my hand
Thai food – better than I expected
Lentil soup – Heinz is the main soup distributor here?
Mac n cheese – from a box
Hostel breakfast (cereals and toast) – eh, it was cheap

Scottland: Selkirk and borders
Fudge filled doughnut, Lemon Muffin, Belgian Chocolate Brownie Muffin
2 Cheese and Onion Pasties
Sweet and Sour Tofu with Wild rice blend, Apple Pie a la mode,
Jam on Toast

Cheese and Onion Pasty
Egg and Chips, 4 Hot Scones with fresh cream and Jam

Ireland: Dublin and Belfast
2 ‘pizzas’,

Hostel breakfast,
Chipotle “boojum” burrito,

more scones with jam and tea,
more tomato basil cheese sandwiches (irish cheese this time), pb & honey sandwich, “kola cubes”, ‘strawberry gummies”, 1/2 gallon of milk,
subway sandwich, very edge foam of guinness, baby,

hostel breakfast,
vegetarian sausage pasty (garam masala and all?), apple cinammon scone and some irish flavor scone, wedge of wendsleydale (a la Wallace and Grommit) with infused cranberries on digestives,
poached eggs with fried tomatoes and onions, pb & J

Wales/England: Holyhead, London
3 more Scones
tomato cheese basil sandwich
potato skins onion rings nachos and quesadillas platter, soup, crackers and cheese, crackers and pesto

hostel breakfast,
cornish pasty, 4 scones
pizza, mature english cheddar with jalepeno on crackers,

wendsleydale with apricot and crackers,
chop chop singapore style curry rice,
fried rice with egg from Tom (7 year old),

Hostel Breakfast,
grilled pannini (gorgonzola pesto artichoke grilled veggies on fresh ciabatta),
two orders at chop chop (noodles),
Digestives with peanut butter and/or honey/jam,

hostel breakfast,
bagel and cream cheese,
pannini #2, spaghetti Os (worst thing ever), croissant

Spain: Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Burgos
Tortilla (not the Mexican kind, this was a sort of quiche made of egg potato and cheese) that was cut like meat on a hot baguette with tomato paste on it, spinachosomething (like a spinako pita but served on a pizza crust),
foccacia pizza vegetariano y crema catalan flavored gelato.

dulce de leche gelato, 3 oranges a plum and a peach.
vegetarian paella.
12 churros y horchata. more gelato (half and half).

2 liters horchata, bread and brie and tomato,
bread and nutella and juice,

bread and jam, nutella and juice
2 more liters horchata, more bread brie and tomato.

bread and nutella and orange juice, 2 more liters of horchata.
Tapas! (eggplant goat cheese lasagna roll, roasted vegetables and goat cheese, fried cod, papatas braves, omlette con queso y papatas),

3 cheese pizzas and 3 liters of horchata,

bread and cheese (brie, normandy),
bread and cheese (brie, normandy),
3 pizzas and fanta, 4 flans, 4 apple/peach sauce cups,

bread and goat cheese (brie) and tomatoes and bread with nutella,
bread and a hard cheese (cantal?),
cooked our penne with zuchini onion tomato bell pepper and pesto and EVOO,

4 more cup flans,
bread and sheeps cheese with candied fruit,
bread and hard cheese with egg scramble of tomato onion and cheese, and zuchini, litre of milk,

bread and a block of goat brie

Bread, cheese, Bell Pepper, Milk and pudding cups,

2 croissants.
2 croissants, Bread Olives and Cheese
Gorganzola Black truffle ravioli with truffle cream sauce, Tiramisu.

1 litre Horchata, 2 croissants, 4 assorted pastries,
baguette with Comte wedge and pear,
Sugar crepe and 2 cups of Flan.
2 Pudding cups, bunch of grapes, Baguette and cheese,

3 kinder bars, 3 eggs scrambled with pesto,
baguette EVO and cheese, Kinder cake, 1 litre Milk.

2 croissants, 2 kinder cakes, 3 eggs scrambled with pesto,
baguette and cheese, pear, 1 litre Milk,
Blue cheese on poached eggs with toast and gravy, Au gratin potatoes,
Tiramisu type dessert, sugar crepe.

Wedge of flan, 2 kinder bars,
Pear, Cheese (cantal), Baguette,
3 eggs scrambled with pesto.

3 scrambled eggs with Pesto,
Goat Brie and Baguette,

Personal Pizza with 4 cheese, artichoke, eggplant, tomato, olive, onion and poached egg,
wedge of Flan, French fries, Chocolat au lait, sugar crepe.

Belgium: Brussels
Gouda Tomato Basil Sandwich on Baguette, pudding cup,

hostel breakfast, 4 belgian hot chocolates,
perfect belgian waffle with belgian chocolate, omlette, salad and toast,
4 belgian chocolates, belgian fries with mayonaise

Netherlands: Amsterdam, Beemster
hostel breakfast,
applesomething pastry, sandwich of baguette old gouda (.5 kilo) pear,
more sandwich but tomato and old gouda

hostel breakfast,
2 ollieballs (kurrent?), berlinball, pear and apple ball

Germany: Hamburg
0.5 kg of tortellini with olive oil and mixed herbs,
chocolate pudding and a liter of milk,

3 pastries

Denmark: Kobenhavn, Roskilde
saffron penne with cream and mixed vegetables,
dark brown bread and danish cheese and marmelade, ceylon tea,
3 scones, hot dog hold the dog, toffee nuts,
truffle tortellini with homemade tomato sauce, brocolli cheddar mashed potatoes,

dark bread and chips, danish candies, danish cheese, tea
kanelbrod (special cinnamon bread)

Germany: Berlin
3 more pastries
Pad-green curry

Czech Republic: Prague
fried cheese sandwich,
turtleneck pastry, .5 liter hot chocolate,
9 wafers, sour skittles that are normal but filled with sour,
eggs with mushroom onion brocolli and toast,
.5 kg gniocchi with homemade sauce and czech bread,

5 buttermilk pancakes,
scheswan tofu
more experimental pancakes, toast,
cheese pastry,

3 eggs and toast,
fried cheese on fries with salad, 2 cocoas,
2 packets wafers,

3 scrambled eggs and toast,
Cucumber salad, gniocchi cream sauce, cream of onion soup, fanta,
mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, corn pudding, gravy, kugel, sweet potato pie, 2 cups earl grey,

thanksgiving leftovers (potatoes, yams, stuffing, corn pudding, kugel)
potato fritters with honey and syrup, another plate of leftovers, and half a sweet potato pie

Germany: Munch
Bread and Gouda, as well as 3 of Kaspar’s cheeses, 2 juices and some pumpkin

Toast, Jam, Honey, Yogurt, Tea, Cheese
Cheese sandwich (vlaaskaas)
Pretzel the size of my face
4 different potatoes with cream and chives and parsley, 4 different cheeses and olive bread, with a salad of mixed greens, carrots, radish, and vinagrette