Church of San Luigi – This church was fairly large, and the first altar on the left happened to consist of 3 Caravaggio’s. There was a huge Christmas market outside.

Church of Santa Agnes in Agone – Mom, I went to a St Agnes! …on accident actually. I thought I was walking into a different church, but once inside I still wasn’t dissapointed. It was ‘smaller’ but with lots of other worshippers. The reason for the disturbing name and images was because its built on the site St Agnes was martyred. Still, a pleasant host to a pleasant mediation.

Church of San Augusto – I think this was my favorite church of the day actually. I started by touring the altars on the side (where I saw another Caravaggio) and eventually decided on a place to sit and meditate. After my nice meditation, I looked at the pillar to my side and to my surprise, Raphael had basically graffitied Isaiah in Fresco form onto this pillar. It was quite spectacular.

Church of San Rocco – A wonderfully small church on the road home, with a particularly charming Mary altar with a waterfall.

Church of Santa Maria del Popolo – the last stop of the day, on the edge of the Piazza next to the metro. Again, there just happened to be Caravaggio’s Martrydom of St. Peter and Conversion of St. Paul. I read later, the Chigi Chapel was created by Raphael, and the statues by Bernini – it was certainly beautiful, but a sort of rushed visit.

Church of San Sebastian (above the catacomb dedicated to him) – This church was completely empty and therefore I liked it. They keep Sebastian here, patron St of Archers, because he was filled with arrows …

Church of Domine Quo Vadis – This church is built on the site in which St Peter had a vision of Christ that led to him choosing martyrdom. Very small, but heavy vibes for me. Perhaps I was still affected by the catacombs